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SXA 1.8 instance with Showcase package throwing Solr Error "undefined field local"

I have Sitecore 9.1 with SXA 1.8 installed. I installed the Showcase package and now am noticing hundreds of errors along the lines of:

55576 2019:01:23 11:14:26 ERROR Solr Error : ["undefined field local"] - Query attempted: [((local:("\/Data\/Image 1") AND _path:(dc00ec1b9747438dbf45fd9e7b4cca70)) AND _language:(en))]

54620 2019:01:23 11:14:26 ERROR Solr Error : ["undefined field local"] - Query attempted: [((local:("\/Data\/Promo Left") AND _path:(dc00ec1b9747438dbf45fd9e7b4cca70)) AND _language:(en))]


It appears to be related to the SXA Master core.  I followed the installation guide - in particular I replicated a folder twice and deleted the data and core.properties files, then used sitecore to Populate Solr Managed Schema, and rebuilt the index.

I tried searching the managed schema files but I can't see any reference to a field "local" - so I'm not sure what is missing/corrupt to be throwing these errors.


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  • I'm not sure if this is the issue, but it looks like you may missed a step. Please, verify your config file. It should match your index name.

    From Installation Document:
    Make sure that the names of the Solr cores you created match the settings for
    sitecore_sxa_master_index and sitecore_sxa_web_index in
  • In reply to Ercan Polat:

    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion - but I have checked the names of the solr core against my config file and they match.