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Workflow issue

Sitecore 9.0.2 Workflow is not reflected on some templates's standard values and only works on the content item while it is working on the others. Any clue?

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  • Hi,
    on the standard values default workflow
  • In reply to Rajasekaran R:

    Yeah I know and I have added it there and it reflects on some templates but others do not reflect and this is the issue. What is preventing it from being reflected?
  • In reply to Kareem Ragheb:

    It will affects when creating item based on the template.So make sure you creating item after the assignment of workflow to the standard values.

  • In reply to Rajasekaran R:

    Yeah I know this too, but for some templates it is not reflected and others reflects normally. My question is why it is not reflecting on some templates?
  • Hi Kareem,

    To confirm you are asking the following:-

    When you set workflow on a standard value of a template At the point you create a new content item based on that template, this item will get the workflow applied, however the content that was made before the standard value was introduced do not inherit this setting.

    1) Standard value will push through if the field has not been set before.
    2) If there was a default workflow for the item previously, the new workflow will not get push through.
    3) You can go to version ribbon and hit the "reset fields" button to get this to update.
    4) Look into Sitecore Powershell Module to see how you could write a script to automate this update on content items already existing.


    Anis Chohan
    Sitecore Rockstar