Accessing the content hub Login Portal (DAM Instance) - Stylelabs

We are getting started with setting up the Content Hub to be used within our Sitecore environment (instance version 9.1.1/Sitecore Connect™ for Sitecore DAM 2.0). There is a Sitecore Content Hub authentication portal for doing the initial CORS and portal configuration as mentioned in the installation guide given in this download link.

Below is the login interface taken from the Official documentation link



1. What is the URL for accessing the Content Hub (DAM Instance) login portal? Is this the same as the dev sandbox url as mentioned here?

2. How to signup for a Stylelab account?


Kindly assist. We have done a lot of time-consuming research on this as these information are not given clearly anywhere.



We have installed the DAM Sitecore Connector/plugin (version 2.0) sitecore package found in this link -

  • Hi Ashish,

    As I tried to show with my answer on SSE (before your question there was deleted), you probably want to go through the walkthrough video to understand which instances are being referred to: