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SiteCore Integration with DMS


What is the best way to integrate SiteCore with a Document Management System like Alfresco.

One of my clients already has SiteCore in place and now wants to introduce Alfresco for content sync between SiteCore and Alfresco.

The requirement is that every time a resource/artifact is created in SiteCore a copy of it has to be stored into Alfresco as well.

We have come up with 2 ways of doing this sync:

1. SiteCore exports the new content to a file system where it is picked up by a custom program which stores it in Alfresco.

2. SiteCore directly connects to Alfresco via Web services for storing the content.

But does SiteCore provide any out-of-the-box connectors/plugins for any existing Document Management System?
If not, can we extend/customize SiteCore to use a CMIS client library to connect to Alfresco for content storage?

Kindly suggest.


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  • There exist content integration products, like the Xillio API, that can retrieve and update content in different systems. The Xillio API is a content integration API with connectors to a wide range of systems. It also supports running queries against target systems. One way to implement the sync would be to run a query every day or every hour to find new or updated content and store any new and updated content in Alfresco using the API. See www.xillio.com/content-integration for more info