Solr (solr-5.5.0-1 ) index rebuild error undefined field _indexname

I've installed the Solr 5.5.0-1 through the bitnami.exe in Sitecore 8.1 & configured it  but when i'm rebuilding index getting the error undefined field _indexname  Please refer the below screen shot for the same. Please help me in resolving this issue.


Thank You


  • Hi Parameshwar,

    did you add indexes definitions inside Solr directories? Here you can find more informations about required configuration :
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    Hi Skowroński ,

    Thanks for taking your time to look into the issue,

    Code that i have written in the global.asax is  

    <%@ Application Language='C#' Inherits="Sitecore.ContentSearch.SolrProvider.CastleWindsorIntegration.WindsorApplication" %>

    Created below list of cores in the solr directories

    Do i need to add _indexname field anywhere inside solr related config files.  i can see "_Indexname" field inside the lucene config file but in solr i couldn't find this field anywhere.

    able to build index in older version solr i,e Solr 4.10 but Solr 5.5 getting undefined index field "_indexname" while rebuilding the index. 

    Thank You 

    Parameshwar Savale 

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    I ran into this issue as well, and after a little while, I found the cause (maybe you did too, but I think it would be good to share it here anyways):

    The KB article of Sitecore referenced by the article on says the following:

    "Note: starting from Solr 6 default Config Sets are distributed without the schema.xml file. Schema.xml file should be created by duplicating and renaming the managed-schema file."


    This is actually not correct! If you duplicate it and rename it, the original managed-schema file still exists and will be loaded first, instead of YOUR custom schema.xml. In other words, the custom Sitecore fields are not defined, hence the error you and I got when following the instructions :-). You need to replace or rename the file, or after duplicating, delete the original file; that will solve your issue.


    Ps.: it is correct the the field definition isn't in your Solr config file, it now resides in the schema.xml file instead of the Sitecore config file (opposed to Lucene).

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    Just encountered the same problem.. and this was the solution. Thanks Rob.
  • For me the sitecore specific schema was not generated for some reason.I regenerate the schema and the error was gone.
    I am using Sitecore 9.0 update 2 and Solr 6.6.2.