FXM issues

Hi all,


I have two issues with FXM (Having in mind that all the configurations are enabled). 

First one:

1. I add new external website by using Federated Experience Manager it generates bundle/beacon script.

2. I add that script tag to the external page and when I open FEM it validates that js script is there ("JavaScript beacon found on external website ")

3. When Open in Experience Editor it throws an error which is: "Unable to locate JavaScript beacon on external website "

4. I go back to the external page html and check the script is  <script src="//hostname/bundle/beacon"></script>

5. When inspect element in Experience editor it looks like <script src="http://hostname/bundle/beacon"></script>

Does someone knows how to fix this?


Second one :


When I try to access: 

http://sitecore.net/bundle/beacon it gives the JS, however whe i try mine hostname/bundle/beacon it throws an 500 error. There is no log where I would see what happened.

Could someone help with this?



  • What is the description of the 500 error you are getting? If you have fiddler you can record the session on the external Site and see what error you are getting.
  • In reply to Ahmed Okour:

    So as I mentioned when I do a request from IE it throws 500. Not any description besides "SERVER ERROR - The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request."  When I try form POSTMAN it doesn't throws any error, only blank

  • In reply to Taulant Racaj:

    I happened to notice in the screen shot that this is running on a .dev domain. Is it possible that it works locally because you have a host file change that maps that domain on your local but not on the server that is running Sitecore? I wonder if you used the IP address if that would make a difference.
  • In reply to Scott Freeman:

    So this happens in the server as well. I just reproduced that in my local instance.
  • In reply to Taulant Racaj:

    You can try to change the logging level for FXM log file to be DEBUG, Go to App_Config\Include\FXM\Sitecore.FXM.config, Sitecore stores FXM related logging in Fxm.log.{date}.txt

         <logger name="Sitecore.FXM.Diagnostics" additivity="false">

           <level value="DEBUG" />

           <appender-ref ref="FxmLogFileAppender" />


  • In reply to Ahmed Okour:

    This is what I could find.


    Error running bundle pipeline - bundle.beacon
    Exception: System.ArgumentException
    Message: The URL '~d:\local\temp\beacon.js' is not valid. Only application relative URLs (~/url) are allowed.
    Parameter name: virtualPath
    Source: System.Web.Optimization
    at System.Web.Optimization.Bundle.Include(String virtualPath, IItemTransform[] transforms)
    at (Object , Object[] )
    at Sitecore.Pipelines.CorePipeline.Run(PipelineArgs args)
    at Sitecore.Pipelines.DefaultCorePipelineManager.Run(String pipelineName, PipelineArgs args, String pipelineDomain)
    at Sitecore.Abstractions.CorePipelineWrapper.Run(String pipelineName, PipelineArgs args)
    at Sitecore.FXM.Bundling.BundleRegistrar.GenerateAndRegisterBundle(String bundleIdentifier, PipelineArgs args)

  • In reply to Taulant Racaj:

    Hi all,

    Finally I realized what was the reason for causing the issue.

    In Sitecore.config file there was an absolute path for the temp folder: "<sc.variable name="tempFolder" value="d:\local\temp"/>". So in order this to work Sitecore recommends to use a relative path "<sc.variable name="tempFolder" value="/temp"/>".

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