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How do I add a custom Publish Handlers?

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We are going to use Publishing Service module(3.1 Update-1) for publish.
We builded a 'Preview Database' apart from 'Web Database'.
It is published by latest version of items which ignore restrictions.
What is the best practice for customize for above requirement?
(How do I add a custom Publish Handlers?)

We found a method named 'ValidFor' in Sitecore.Framework.Publishing assembly.
But I couldn't found a source code which is called by...

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  • We recognized that Publish Service is not flexible and it can't customize...
    If we want to inject the process something before publish is started, we use standard publishing, not publishing service.
    That way, we can custome Sitecore.Publishing.Pipelines.PublishItem.DetermineAction processor in publishItem pipeline.