PXM - InDesignServerService not listening on port 8081


I'm running into an issue with the InDesignServerService not listening on port 8081 for Adobe InDesign Server CC 2014, even though I believe I have all the correct settings in place


<printstudioengine type="Sitecore.PrintStudio.Configuration.SettingsSection, Sitecore.PrintStudio.Configuration">
<settings hint="raw:AddToSettingsList">
<setting name="PrintStudio.ProjectsFolder" value="C:\Dev\TMWeb\TM.WIP\src\TM.Web.UI\Print Projects" />
<setting name="PrintStudio.InDesignServerName" value="InDesignServer.Application.CC.2014" />
<setting name="PrintStudio.StoreMastersInDB" value="true" />
<setting name="PrintStudio.PublishingCachePath" value="C:\PXMPublishing\PublishingCache\" />
<setting name="PrintStudio.PrintDashboardQueueName" value="InDesignServerCC" />
<setting name="PrintStudio.DBServer.IPAddress" value="localhost" />
<setting name="PrintStudio.DBServer.Port" value="8081" />

In addition, I do have the port number specified as 8081 in the .msc file.

The service is running according to the Services console, as well as the Task Manager.

Has anyone else ran into this issue, and if so, do you have any pointers as to what I might be missing?