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Sitecore Commerce Connect Product Sync as Batch job issue

Hi Team,

We are using Sitecore Commerce Connect to sync the data from Hybris to Sitecore. Currently on click of Product Sync button from the content editor ribbon-> It calls a command->Sitecore.Commerce.Commands.Products.SynchronizeAllProducts, Sitecore.Commerce to sync the products. But we wanted to schedule this Sitecore commerce connect product sync as a daily batch job.

Basically the default Product Sync command-> Sitecore.Commerce.Commands.Products.SynchronizeAllProducts, Sitecore.Commerce
Should be invoked by a Batch job, I have followed the below steps.
1. Created a command item and Mentioned the Type as “Sitecore.Commerce.Commands.Products.SynchronizeAllProducts, Sitecore.Commerce”
Method as “Execute”
2. Created a schedule item and assosiated the above command

but when the scheduler executes -> i am getting an error Execute method NOT found
I have tried with StartProcess method as well :( dint work for me. Can you please advice?