SXA Site as website filter in Experience Analytics

How do you add an SXA site as a website option to filter by in Experience Analytics?

  • Hi

    The SXA Website name will be show up in the Experience Analytics Filter option only when the website analytics data (like online interaction , visits by page etc )

    are submitting to xDB properly .  

    I have created one SXA Tenant with one blank page  website in my local 9.1 instance , I gave the website name WebsiteFirst . Publish this and visit the blank web page near about 2-3 times .

    I checked my xDB is working properly .   While I checked the Experience Analytics Dashboard  I am not able to view my newly created website name in the filter option .

    I did the following things from control panel:

    1) Rebuild the link database

    2) Redeploy the all marketing  definitions items.

    3) Rebuild the all indexes and try to iisreset from command prompt .

    Now I can see the newly created website online interaction data and also name in the filter options .