Sitecore 9.1 Forms wrong date format for Date field mm/dd/yyyy

Hi all,

I have an issue with the date format in Sitecore Forms on Sitecore 9.1. The field is only accepting mm/dd/yyyy format and I am unable to find the place where this can be changed. I even tried to change the Region and language options but this did not help. Although this might not be the correct solution for us anyway.

The format should be dd/mm/yyyy. If I try to submit the form with the date value let's say 27.06.2019, then I get an error message with "The value '27.06.2019' is not valid for Value". If the page refreshes, when the IsAjax is turned off, then even the value of the field changes to mm/dd/yyyy.

  • Do you want it only on Forms or you want this behaviour across your Sitecore Implementation?

    If you want it across Sitecore implementation, you may change this setting to reflect your required culture and it should fix the problem.

    <setting name="DefaultRegionalIsoCode" value="en-GB" />

    Note: I have not tested the behaviour on forms so far but I expect it should obey this setting.
  • In reply to Sen Gupta:

    Thank you for you reply but ideally I need this just for the datepicker in the Forms, or set this up in the whole Sitecore Forms. I believe Sitecore is somewhere taking the dateformat from the culture. I still have not figured this out. I also tried your suggestion for the whole Sitecore implementation but it also did not change the date format.
  • You cannot change it without creating a own field.

    Why is that ? Because the property "DataFormat" in Sitecore.ExperienceForms.Mvc.Models.Fields.DateViewModel (which is used to render the datepicker) looks so:

    public virtual string DateFormat
        return "yyyy-MM-dd";


    The only option here is to create a new date field in Sitecore Forms with own ViewModel thats override this property.