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WFFM: How to Programmatically Read, Insert and Update Forms


After reading through the WFFM 8.0 documentation, I could use some clarification on how to read, update and insert data programmatically in WFFM 8.0.  I'll break them out into 3 bullets to make answering easier:

Issue 1: Retrieving form submissions Programmatically:

Previous solution:  In WFFM 2.4, the following code worked:    

DataManager.GetForms().GetPage(new PageCriteria(0, 0x7ffffffe), null, filters);

I have been unable to find an equivalient way to do this in WFFM 8.0.  Any thoughts?

Issue 2: Updating a form field after the form has already been submitted by the user

Previous Solution:  IN WFFM 2.4, the following code worked:


Similar to issue 1, this has been removed in WFFM 8.0.  Our use-case is that we need to update the form outside of the user's session as part of an unrelated scheduled task.  Is there an equivalent way to do this programmatically in WFFM 8.0?

Issue:  Inserting/Saving a form to the database
Previous Solution:  The issue is that in our case, our form deals with sensitive user information that we need to clean before inserting.  Previously, we inherited from SaveToDatabase and overrode the Execute method to accomplish this.  
I understand that SaveToDatabase has been removed since the form automatically gets submitted to Mongo after the user's session.  Is there any way to intercept the data before it gets saved so that we can apply the field cleansing and then programmatically perform the insert ourselves?

Thanks in advance for any/all insights.


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