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WFFM 2.x and SQL instance

For reasons I won't get into, we've recently had to enable 32-bit applications on our Sitecore application pool. This has completely hosed the "save to database" action for WFFM, as the SQLite DLL is incompatible with this setup. As such, I've migrated all of the SQLite database content to MSSQL, but now I'm having trouble getting Sitecore to connect to that database. It's on the same server and instance as our core, web, and master databases, but I'm getting a "network path not found" error. It seems as though whatever method WFFM is using to connect does not support SQL instances (like SERVERNAME\INSTANCENAME). Can anybody help? I put in a ticket with Sitecore yesterday, but I have yet to hear anything back, and this is impacting our production system. :(

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  • 1. try to log into sql with the log in credentials in connection string.
    2. We had similar issue in Nov. This was due to net framework update KB3196686. After we applied the latest windows update the issue was resolved.