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RedirectUrlPage malformation on CD

I have Sitecore 8.1 and EXM 3.2

When emails are sent by EXM, external links have a special url for tracking that includes the contact and the message. And of course, the target url.

But for some reason, when it has to go through a CD first, it doesn't add the RedirectUrlPage.aspx part...


This is the url i get:


instead of:



If I add the "sitecore/RedirectUrlPage.aspx" part, I get a 404 page from my own site. So I guess I am missing a configuration in the CD.


1) Why is the url not including the RedirectUrlPage?

2) Why the correct url returns a 404 when the page really exists?


Just to keep track of things, on the experience profile for that user, it detects when the email is opened, and the RegisterEmailOpened page is at the same level as RedirectUrlPage.

Thanks in advance!

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