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EXM 3.2 | missing recipients after added dedicated email dispatch server

We are using Email Experience Manager 3.2.1 rev. 160127. 161017 with Sitecore.NET 8.1 (rev. 160302).  I have added a new dedicated email dispatch server. Both servers (main and new dispatch server) sending a messages. After sending a campaign to ~200000 recipients in the Message Report we have only half  of Total recipients and Actual recipients. 

The logs show that all messages have been sent

   new serwer:
  Recipients Processed:    122083
  Message Total Sent Recipients:    197414
  Message Total Failed Recipients:  1471
  old serwer: 
  Recipients Processed:    76433
  Message Total Sent Recipients:    197418
  Message Total Failed Recipients:  1471

Has anyone had a similar problem?