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Mongo db migration on azure

Hello All,

We are in process of migrating our databases to Azure SQL database (PAAS). We have prepared the list of SQL DBs to be migrated to Azure SQL DB. Now we want to move Mongo dbs to Azure.

Currently our SQL databases are stored in Azure VMs (IAAS). Hence we do not see any complexity in moving them from Azure VMs  (IAAS) to  Azure SQL DB(PAAS). But we are not sure on migration of Mongo db on Azure.

Currently Mongo db is hosted on same Azure VM where sql server dbs are hosted. Also we are not using any marketing analytics , Mongo is just shipped as part of standard sitecore installation. So should we migrate the Mongo db to Azure  PAAS model or should we keep the Mongo db on Azure VM? 

Any recommendation would be helpful. Also if you could let me know which option to choose for migration  Cosmos db or MongoDB Atlas or any other.

Thanks in advance.



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  • Hi Kapil,

    Which version of Sitecore are you hosting? This will help with recommendation of Atlas or IaaS option due to supported versions which are listed here: kb.sitecore.net/.../087164

    Obviously more effort but upgrading Sitecore to eliminate the MongoDB dependency would be preferred longer term goal.