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Personalization using profile and pattern cards not working in web database

I am trying to set up some Personalization using profile and pattern cards. I have done the below steps to achieve this:

  1. Create profile keys, profile card, and pattern card.
  2. Associate the target content items with profile cards.
  3. Setup Personalization rule to match a specific pattern on the home page banner component and change the banner image if a user visits a specific page and revisits the home page.
  4. Publish all the above changes.

I see that this is working in all non-prod instances and PROD CM instance but does not work only in PROD CD instance. Our PROD CD is behind Akamai so thought it is a cache issue but it does not work even in non-akamai URL. I have also verified the settings Xdb.Enabled and Xdb.Tracking.Enabled which are true. IS there any other setting that I should check?

Also, I see that our PROD CM instance uses the in-proc session and Redis for CD instance. Can this create any issues?


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