Website going frequently down and high memory/CPU usage observed

Dear Sitecore Support,

We are facing live website down issue frequently on Production Server due to which getting lots of complaints from the customer end
With this Memory and CPU usage is very high.
Website hosted on Azure PaaS platform with below Architecture

We have already using Multinent Sitecore architecture for the live website (
1) Application Running on Azure PaaS
2) DB Running on Azure PaaS SQL Server
3) Redis
4) Azure Search
5) CDN

WebApp : ( P2V2 with autoscaling enabled )
SQL Server : S3 (50) DTU
Redis: Standard 2.5GB
Azure Search: Standard (Replicas 3, Partitions 3 & and Search Units 9 )
CDN: With 7 Endpoints
Sitecore Licence Details:
License Holder: Maruti Suzuki
License ID: 20170504175919
Sitecore version Sitecore.NET 9.0.2 (rev. 180604)

and there is not much I can identify why this is happening I need your support to find out why this is happening at the server level.
Website URL:
Sitecore Version: Sitecore 9 Update 2

Himmat Singh Dulawat

  • Hello Himmat, tgis is not the home of the Sitecore Support team. If you eant to log a support ticket, please use

    Here you will find helpful community members like yourself who may havr ideas, but they are not (usually) members of the official support team
  • Hi Himmat,

    I think this is a memory consumption issue which in turn crashes your app-pool. What can be done here is check your Google Analytics and note the lowest traffic time in a day. Once you know the lowest or zero traffic time of your site, enable a forceful recycling of your app-pool and then this issue should be resolved.

    Forceful Recycle can be enabled this way -

    Let me know if this is helpful.