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On premises CM and Azure CD configuration

Hello everybody,

I am trying to setup content delivery (CD) on Azure instance while keeping content management (CM) on premises. If anyone else has similar configuration, I would appreciate if you can share how you went about doing it.

I am mainly stuck with finding ARM template for this configuration. I wanted to know if there is an ARM template that i can use that defines the Azure resource configuration for on premises CM and Azure CD. Currently i only see ARM templates for XDB, XM, and XP (@ github.com/.../Sitecore 9.0.1) Both XM and XP configure CM (and supporting resources) that i don't need.

We intent to ultimately move all our resources to Azure, however initially we are trying to have all new site CD on Azure.

Appreciate any assistance


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  • You would not find an ARM template that meets your scenario. ARM templates create the resources in Azure. So any ARM template you would take would create all the resources in Azure as webapps or VMs. The options you have are
    1) You create all the resources using the XP or XM ARM template based on your need in scaled mode. Copy the contents of CM instance to your on-premise server connecting to your Azure databases, and install the relevant certs for xConnect on your on-Prem CM and then after your local CM works, Delete the CM resource in azure


    2) Tweak the ARM template to not install the Content Management instance and other resources that you are not going to have in Azure and then create the instances.

    I feel option 1 is the way to go in your scenario.