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Has there been any configuration of Application Initialization Module built-in Azure Toolkit or Sitecore WDPs?

With Sitecore on Azure, achieving zero downtime through slot-swapping / blue-green deployment / and even auto-scaling has encountered the issues of performance stuttering.

Bas Lijten covers this issue and how we can better manage this through the Application Initialization Module on his blog here {https://blog.baslijten.com/warmup-your-sitecore-on-azure-app-service-applications-when-using-slot-settings/}.

The broad strokes being, as new servers are provisioned to receive traffic, the instances have not fully "warmed up" and create performance degradation as the site loads for the first time on these new instances. The application initialization allows the site to internally hit configured pages to ensure they have loaded properly before exposing the new instances to external traffic.

Searching through release notes, github arm template details, and other forums, I haven't seen any formal Sitecore implementation taking advantage of the Application Initialization Module.

This seems like a default configuration that any-and-all Sitecore on Azure implementation should take advantage of wanted to make sure I wasn't missing some details before applying the configuration changes manually onto our own solution.