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Sitecore Fails to Rebuild XconnectSearchIndex

Hi Community,

I am creating a sc9.0.1 171219 scaled environment

The site itself is runnning on a local VM, intended to be a dev environment, however it is using azure search, and I believe that this is the source of my errors with xdb. I followed this blog: http://www.integryx.net/post/2019/01/05/switch-sitecore-9-from-solr-to-azure-search-step-by-step-instructions, to change from SOLR to Azure Search, but as it was for non-scaled environment, I adapted the steps by disabling SOLR configs mentioned in that blog across all instances, and then enabling the Azure.XML.disabled files, again across all instances. 

I also added the <add name="collection.search"... connection string with the Azure Search link/apikey/version in the collection instance, and the collectionsearch instance (once in App_Config/Connectionstrings.config, and the other inside the App_Data/jobs/continuous/IndexWorker/App_Config/connectionstrings.config), I added the cloud.search connection string to the CM and CD environment connectionstrings.

The instance is able to connect to the azure instance, as it has created indexes, however, when I try to execute XconnectSearchIndexer.exe -rr, the last step in the blog, I am faced with this error:

Please let me know if I have posted in the wrong section or if you need any more information, like logs or anything.


Thanks for your help!