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PDF 301 Redirects


I'm currently trying to figure out how to handle redirects to PDF documents. On our old site, we had a document URL structure of /documents/<docid>/Documentname.pdf which was then parsed and the ID was captured and the correct document was returned to the user.  However, we have launched our new site and I'm trying to handle redirects to documents by pointing them to a page on our site.

I have the UrlRedirect module up and running and that's handing other redirects via regular expression matching.

I've written some additional code to handle redirects which point to other sites (in this case it's mostly subdomains that have not been moved into the Sitecore environment).

Neither of these handles PDF requests since I don't believe the redirect module is listening for or is processing PDF requests.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can go about doing this?  I suspect I may need to write an override on HttpRequestProcessor but I'm not sure and could use an example to look at and examine.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.