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Sitecore Azure Toolkit 2.5.0-r02519.1061 not able to run AzureRm Cmdlet on windows powershell 7.

Dev machine: Windows 10

NET Framework: 4

Downloaded from dev.sitecore.net: Sitecore Azure Toolkit 2.5.0

Sitecore Azure Toolkit 2.5.0 file location : \Sitecore Azure Toolkit 2.5.0-r02519.1061\tools\Sitecore.Cloud.Cmdlets.psm1

Issue: I have download on my location machine which is windows 10 with powershell 7. When i tried to execute the powershell script it throw an error The term 'Add-AzureRM' is not recognized as a name of a cmdlet'. I understand this is handled by powershell and i needs to downgrade to version 5 to make it work. Bu i cant downgrade my dev machine setup to backward compatibility. 

Please see the below link:

Powershell: AzureRM scripts to Az


Solution looking for: Are there any sitecore solution to migrate all my existing cmdlet from AzureRM to Az?


Stephen S