Sitecore with Azure Traffic Manager

Recently deployed our website on sitecore 8.4 to azure using the PaaS solution for Sitecore XP.  So its a CD, CM, PR, Rep environment and the CD has 4 instances running.  I put this all behind an Azure Traffic Manager and everything works peachy.  But we have a lot of business around the globe so I want to set up geo based app servers.  I copied the 'web' db to a second region as well as put a clone of the working web app in that region and updated the connection string to use the nearby web db.  I added the db as a publishing target and that works fine.  

When I browse directly to the url azure gives me "sitecore-web-xxxxxxx" I get the site and it works and acts exactly as it should.  It is set up for multisite, but the default site loads just fine.  The real site loads as well if I play with the hostname in the config files.  Everything looks good.

When I put this second web app in the traffic manager however, any traffic that hits this node returns back with a generic 503 error.  There is no information in the logs.  I have downloaded them and gone through closely and don't even see where the app is being touched.  The site is set up to give the 'default' blank site if the hostname doesn't match.  So my expectations are that I should be seeing either the real site, or the default site.

But all I see is the 503.


Anyone ever seen this before?