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In Sitecore JSS Deployment link, it is mentioned that you can keep your back end and front end core in the same directory. Here I am confused bit about back end code. Does it (backend- code) refers to the .net Application of that Sitecore instance. If yes then what should be the steps to keep both front end and back end.


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Pankaj Kumar

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  • Hi Pankaj,
    Can you please provide a URL to the "JSS Deployment" page you are referring to?
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    Hi Anastasiya,

    I am referring to JSS Devops link. 


    My question is once I deployed my JSS App to a Sitecore instance on a local/dev instance of Sitecore(Using JSS). It will create an Item named "my-sample-app" and its navigation items under it. Now to deploy the same to upper environment what should I do. Do I need to serialize it using unicorn or TDS and then deploy the build on stage server.  Actually I don't want to deploy the app using JSS Deploy App on stage and prod environment. Please suggest.


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    Pankaj Kumar

  • You can use the Sitecore First Development Workflow, I think this is more usable for CI/CD in real life with a live website. and separate frontend and Sitecore developers roll.

    The way I currently work. all Sitecore items and C# code with the common CI/CD tools like unicorn or TDS and Azure DevOps or TeamCity/ Octopus
    fronted a separated build, and seperated deploy to node servers. and something in the middle to get the front-end app in the Sitecore dist folder for the Experience editor.
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    Thank you for response. It is really helpful but I am not sure if it is good for a Team where we have less sitecore developers(1-2) and more Front End Developers(5-6).

    I need some inputs in following scenario.

    In my team there are more front end developers and Sitecore instance is not accessible to everyone. My approach will be to deploy on Dev environment via JSS and move the same to stage/production via Unicorn/Azure Devops. In the same same way Jss App will be deployed on Node severs. Actually from Sitecore perspective i want to avoid the overwriting of items(personalization etc.).