How to make react routing work with JavaScriptRendering in an MVC based sitecore site?

We are trying to integrate a singe page navigation wizard created with react jss into existing sitecore app (created with MVC). There are two ways to integrate JSS component into a traditional Sitecore MVC page 1. Javascript Rendering 2. Client-side embedding.

Using both ways, we are able to render only the component and not the component routing. which means, the configured react routing is not working when we integrate the component into sitecore using Javascript Rendering/ Client-side embedding.

Always the sitecore routing is taking place and not the react routing working. Does anyone have faced similar issues? or have any solution for this, please reply me. 

  • Hi Jagadeesh,

    Some potential options to explore:

    * Use hashbang routing with React
    * Use Sitecore wildcard items
    * Customize the Sitecore httpRequestBegin pipeline for the path of the page hosting the app, to resolve deeper paths to the same page