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Why all the sitecore jss examples are built using react not angular

I have started learning jss and learning it from various blogs and other resources. I have a very basic questions . I found all the examples in internet and youtube are built using react not angular. I wanted to understand is angular not recommended for sitecore jss or how will you choose the which framework to go for . Being an angular developer I just want to understand this. .


Thanks for your suggestions

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  • From History it all started with a Tech Preview with react.

    but really soon, Tech Preview 1 also Angular was added. But when it come to the question, Which frontend is more supported by JSS?


    The goal is to support all three frameworks equally, so that implementers can make the choice of framework to use based on the needs of the project and team preference. As of tech preview 4, all frameworks have feature parity as Rich mentioned in his answer.

    For a team that truly has no preference, the React ecosystem and developer base is the largest of the three supported frameworks. Until next week, anyway :)

    Note: I am on the JSS team.

    answered Jul 31 '18 at 15:52
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    Thanks a lot for the clarification