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Navigation pane - ID of first selected item persists through session

I wasn't sure which forum was correct for this. We have a unique situation...

Picture a sitecore tree with several items: Home, Item1, Item2, Item3, etc.

Select an item in the left-hand pane (Item1 for instance). This sets right-hand pane & ribbon-bar buttons
- Right hand pane gives details about left's selection
- Ribbon Bar buttons all act on the selected item (Presentation Details, Page Edit, Publish, etc)

Select a 2nd item in the left hand pane (item2 or home for instance)
- The right hand pane correctly shows the details for the newly selected item
- The ribbon buttons *appear to have the right info in Dev Tools..
- However, pressing any of the buttons takes action on the 1st selected item

Repeat this
- Select a 3rd item. Right pane is correct, Button bar is still acting on 1st selection.

Inspection of elements with Developer tools all looks like the correct ID is being set on the UI items.
But internally, the processing persists the first selected ID.

A page refresh lets you choose a different item. But you only get one shot. That first item, post refresh, is the selected item until your next refresh.

Note that this is unique to [User + Environment] combinations: some users have it in one, some in another, some not at all, some in both. We have checked all permissions, and they appear to match. 

Any insight as to what may be the cause & correction would be tremendously appreciated!

Many thanks in advance...

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  • Hi Jeff,

    Is there any custom caching mechanism is implemented in this site? Surely one of your site config is overriding the default settings.

    Can you install one Sitecore Vanilla instance of same version as of your site on your local machine and compare the showconfig file for Vanilla instance and your instance?

    This will give you the idea of the default settings that are modified in your site.

    Hope this helps.