Need help setting up JSS deploy

After running 'jss setup' I'm asked for a path to the Sitecore folder. I do not have a local instance of Sitecore - we are hoping to utilize a code-first workflow. I'm attempting to deploy to a remote instance. When I provide the directory path of sitecore on our remote server, I get an error "[path] did not exist!". 

It seems to be looking for this path locally which obviously is not going to exist. What am I doing wrong here?

  • You can deploy items to a remote instance, but file deployments must be handled either via local file copies or via a mounted network share to the remote instance.

    If you do not have share level access, you will need to upload the artifacts to the Sitecore server filesystem via whatever means you have access to it with.

    The verbiage used by `jss setup` will make this clearer in the final release.
  • In reply to Kam Figy:

    Thanks Kam. In my case, I have to account for a server per environment. So, a workflow might be to 1) deploy JSS to the remote server of a lower environment and create content there, then 2) publish content to upper environments and move JSS manifest and component files to upper environments via file transfer? Hopefully future documentation will be more explicit about how these things are handled.