Missing custom template from "Template to design mapping" in sitecore SXA

Hi All,I have created a tenant and site using SXA. I have created template for site. Now I am going to map template to Page Design but unable to find custom template. Please suggest.




Ravi Sharma




  • Hi

    I duplicate the Home Template and make a new one names Test page  Under /sitecore/templates/Project/NewTenant/TestPage

    and while I am going to tenant  in sitecore content like /sitecore/content/NewTenant/New site/Presentation/Page Designs

    there I can able to see my newly created templateTest Page ,

    I understand what is going wrong in your case , your news template is created under some Different Tenant under in Template -> Project   and In your sitecore content SXA tenanat you are looking in some another tenant . Please check