After Sitecore 9 install and migration from Sitecore 7, some images are not loading

After successful install of Sitecore 9. If I migrate a website either using the migration tool, using the package designer or using serialization, many of my images will not render on the web page. For example, I have a rotator module that has 6 child items (slides) that are image backgrounds with left / right arrows. Slide 1, 4 & 5 images will not load while slide 2, 3 and 6 will render. There are absolutely no differences in the way these images where uploaded, copied or migrated nor their permissions (works fine on the previous Sitecore 7 site.) The media browser within SC9 will show the image and is even downloadable just not rendering on the website. I have tried replacing / uploading new images for the images in question and they still won't render. If you clone an existing item that does render ie: slide 2 and make the cloned slide to be now slide 7, slide 7 will render as well.

This is just an example... There are many other images that are not rendering.

A little more background. We are running a multi-site setup and we typically have a media folder per each site however we do also use the Media Library folder for shared items. It does not seem to matter if the images are stored / uploaded to either the site's media folder or the shared Sitecore Media Library folder in either situation some images will not render.

It also appears that the format of the image PNG, JPG or JPEG does not seem to matter as well as the media type template that was used for the images. Also publishing does not seem to be the issue.

Any and all help, suggestions is appreciated!