This site can’t be reached sc910.identityserver refused to connect.



I have set up Sitecore 9.1 on a server.  I can login to Sitecore from the server.

However when I try to go to the login page from my laptop I get "This site can’t be reached sc910.identityserver refused to connect." 

I have added sc910.identityserver to my host file. The server IP is that of a load balancing server not the IP address of the IIS server (but without the host entry my laptop can't resolve the name, so I think this is ok)

If I browse to http://sc910.identityserver I get the IIS page

If I browse to sc910.identityserver  I get "This site can’t be reached sc910.identityserver refused to connect." 

IIS has an https site binding set up for sc910.identityserver port 443 IP address *


I can browse the sitecore website without logging in from my laptop.

I'm thinking this maybe to do with certificates, but don't know how to resolve it.  Any ideas?