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ZIP archive of the Sitecore site root folder for 9.2 - Download no available

Hi All,

I am very new to Sitecore..

For Sitecore 9.2,  I am not able to locate ZIP archive of the Sitecore site root folder  to download  at


For all Sitecore versions below 9.2 - it is available to download

Am I Missing something ?


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  • I am having same issue. We use SIM to manage sitecore instances on local machine but SIM installation wont work without zip archive of sitecore.
  • But, there is a new Sitecore Install Assistant (SIA) an Executable, you can, reuse the config file.
  • In reply to Jan Bluemink:

    This not help. SIM is much more comfortable for local installation and testing. Without that zip package everyone have go through e.g Solr installation procedure which is a pain. Is SIM zip package is planned to be released for SC9.2?
  • In reply to Magdalena Pe:

    Unfortunately, there is no current plan for having the ZIP install available with 9.2. The SIA wizard is the new 'easy' way to do installs and it will be getting additional features over the coming releases to make things even easier!
  • In reply to Magdalena Pe:

    I haven't use SIM for a long time, (I prefer the SIA wizard and SIM) but try today sim and that was able to download Sitecore 9.2. (the WDP packages)

    On GitHub you can see the latest commits and issues, I don't see a Sitecore 9.2 issue?

  • Hi All ,
    Thanks for the response...
    My reason.. looking for the zip archive was to use that to generate role specific sitecore package using Sitecore Azure tool kit commands for our CD pipeline .
    As a work around i manually created a zip version using 9.1 zip archive as reference and it works !. Any other alternative /comments ?