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Upgrade advice

I am new to Sitecore.  I am working with a client that is on 8.2 and would like to upgrade to a later version.  Does anyone have any insight they might be willing to share on best way to approach this need?  From my understanding there is a feature of a post-8.2 version (sitemap) which they are very interested in.

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  • Hi Daniel,

    For upgrade, you first need to list down what custom things are built on top of the Sitecore CMS. If the xDB is used then we need to consider that upgrade as well. If not then the upgrade process is way simple to the latest versions.

    You will need to built your solution on higher .Net versions(4.7.2) for upgrading to Sitecore 9.2

    You can read Upgrade Guide from this page (dev.sitecore.net/.../Sitecore_Experience_Platform_92_Initial_Release.aspx) and also there are files that can be used for upgrading 8.2 to 9.2 or 9.3
  • Okay, I'll be brutally honest. If you are new to Sitecore, you should recommend that your client hire somebody else to do this, or you should partner with someone who has more Sitecore experience than you do. Otherwise both you and your client are in for a hard ride through the long night.

    And just for a few of the gory details: you likely be transitioning Lucene to Solr, WFFM to Experience forms, recompiling custom code against 9.x and fixing anywhere the springs pop out, and as Rohan pointed out possibly porting over xDB. None of these tasks are for the faint hearted and, on some sites, can be far reaching and labour-intensive. Does the site use a lot of forms? Watch out for the (missing) save actions in 9.x. A simple WFFM with email save action and captcha might take you quite some time to redevelop in MVC.

    Sounds like a helluva lot of work to get additional sitemap features.