How to sync production content to UAT for Helix and Habitat?


We have a production environment where we have proper content but on UAT content is not proper so we are getting issues in testing. We are using GIT as a source repository. We are only syncing template items not content. Just want to know which one from following is the best way to sync content from one environment to other environment?

- Serialization

- Package

- Database table restore from Production to UAT - Which database except master, web and core we need to restore?

- Any market place module?

Please suggest! We are using sitecore 8.2 update 6.



Ravi Sharma

  • Hello Ravi Sharma,

    Are you using Unicorn in UAT and production?

    If yes: You should take Unicorn files from production and use serialize tree from Sitecore admin.
    If No: Take backup from production database Master and Web. Restore in UAT server and point to that.

    Package is not good idea if you don't know what changes is there. Specially Unicorn is does return lot of errors. Better to go with database restore or Unicorn serialization Sync.
  • For content only the master database is necessary, the other things (in the core database) you do through unicorn or TDS and are manged in your development. The core database also contain default the login accounts, sql membership tables, so if you restore that also you also restore the accounts. You can do also the web database this is optional you can update with a publish the web database. After a database restore typically some indexes are outdated, needs a rebuild,

    Database restore can be a good solution in your situation, however,
    Beside a database restore there are some tools to do the job more specifically.

    Razl is a tool you can use
    Razl is your choice if you have more specific wishes, and also very good possible to automate that.

    Or Sitecore Sidekick with a interface to do it in Sitecore.

    Also a package can be a solution, a simple solution, but becomes less practical as the amount of data increases


    See also for more details and discussion about all the options.

  • In reply to Ketan Garala:

    Thanks for the reply Ketan! We are using unicorn to only sync templates not content on both UAT and Prod.