[8.1u3] Experience Editor breaks after add new items. System.InvalidOperationException: Icon and label request in null or empty.


I have a update package which adds couple regular items in core DB under: content => Applications => WebEdit => Menus with following structure

Folder 1: (/sitecore/templates/Common/Folder template)
    Folder 2 (template /sitecore/templates/Common/Folder)
        Item 1 (/sitecore/templates/System/Menus/Menu item template)
        Item 2 (/sitecore/templates/System/Menus/Menu item template)


For any other Sitecores versions above 8.1 including 9.X it is just drop-down added to the ribbon in Experience Editor except SC 8.1 rev 160519. Experience editor throws "System.InvalidOperationException: Icon and label request in null or empty.". If I delete Folder 2 with its children, EE gets back to life, but I'm loosing my items.

Url which fails during loading EE is:

I've done some digging and this exception occurs for many different reasons. I applied patch https://github.com/sitecoresupport/Sitecore.Support.100371.100542/releases and tricks with url and cookies (community.sitecore.net/.../1617) but didn't help.
Icons used in those items are also SC standard ones and changing them changes nothing.

Is for someone met similar problem with this particular SC version? I'm using TDS to prepare the package.

  • It appears that was inability to fill "Large Menu Combo Button" in EE with given items (only 8.1). Eventually ends up with switching combo button into separate buttons on the ribbon in EE to not waste more time.