Moving sessions db to Azure SQL

Hi, we are implemented our instance of Sitecore primarily in the cloud.  We have Azure VMs running Sitecore with the Sitecore DB's also in the cloud using Azure SQl.  Using SQL Server Management Studio 2014 I was easily able to push the web, core and master databases to Azure.  However when I tried to move the sessions database it failed.  It appears that Azure SQL server does not support what the CreateTables stored procedure is doing.  I was able to finally get the sessions databse up to Azure SQL but I had to delete the CreateTables stored procedure first.

So I actually have two questions:

1.  Does anyone know of a way to re-write the stored procedure that makes it more compatible with Azure SQL?

2.  Or if that is not possible what would be the impact if I simply did not use that stored procedure?



  • Hi Darren,

    The '[dbo].[CreateTables]' storage procedure is needless and can be safely dropped from the 'Sitecore_Session' SQL Server database. The storage procedure should have been placed in the '\Databases\Scripts\Sessions db performance boost.sql' script, which allow using SQL Server tempdb (in a memory) to speed up operations. Since Azure SQL Database service does not support temp, there is no chance to use this script and this procedure.

    Please use the SQL Azure [Session].sql against Session database before importing it into Azure SQL Database service. You can find the script in the following article, as well as more details on how to deploy Sitecore databases: