Unicorn aspx page Not Showing in Sitecore 9.1

Hello  All

After installing the sitecore 9.1 I tried to configured unicorn 4.0.6 . Everything was fine except on my in sitecore 9.1 instance while I tried to write http://<website domain>/unicorn.aspx,

it redirected to the Access Denied "You need to Sign in as an administrator to use Unicorn control panel".

While click on the above message sitecore is navigate to identity server url . After logging in, I am taken to the Sitecore Dashboard and not back to /unicorn.aspx. 

For that result unicorn.aspx serialization page is not showing .

  • Hi

    I have find the solutions as of now until unicorn update any new version over 4.0.6 .

    To show up the unicorn. aspx page in sitecore 9.1 , I need to go back unicorn 4.0.4 , that is available on unicorn nuget pacakge .

    Another more thing I found while using the unicorn 4.0.4 I also need to use Rainbow.Storage.Sc.dll 2.0.2 , other wise rainbow storage method void not found exception will throw .

    Hope this issue will overcome in upcoming new version of unircorn