problem with downloads

I am trying to access downloads from the downloads section. eg:  and get the following message:

Sorry – you do not have permission to download this file. If you are already Sitecore certified, please log in. If not, please visit the training section on to find out more about becoming Sitecore certified.

I am logged in and certified!

  • Hi Paul ,
    I too faced this problem earlier. you could try resetting the password of your account in and then check with downloading.

  • This might be a permission cache issue in your browser, so clearing your cookies for the site and logging in again can sometimes resolve.

    If you are certified and logged in, and it is not a caching issue, you will need to contact Sitecore to fix your account. It is possible that the association to the permission for downloads has been altered at some point.

    Also, make sure that the account you are logged in with is the same account email you used for certification. Otherwise, your certifications may not be associated to your account. You can check for your certifications on