How do I completely remove Sitecore from my laptop?

I am new to Sitecore and have been trying to install Sitecore for Training.

At first, I was trying to install 9.0 XP0 [Sitecore 9.0.0 rev. 171002 (OnPrem)].

Installing Solr and self signed certs defeated me.  I tried using SIF and SIM.

Now I am trying version 8,2 [Sitecore 8.2 rev.].  The instructions I am trying to follow from the training PDF do not match what I see in SIM.

There are questions being asked that I don't know how to answer, about Roles ( must be different between 8.2 and 9).

I would like to be able to completely remove all versions of Sitecore, so I can start clean.

I have installed both Mongo and SQLServer databases


What can I check to be sure there are no artifacts left behind from an uninstall?

I know that I have copied PowerShell scripts into a certain folder, that SelfSigned certs were created in windows somewhere.

I would like to be able to actually learn Sitecore.


I am running on Windows 10 Pro, a Surface Pro.



  • Hi,
    Sitecore is just a web site and databases. You can go into IIS and remove the site, delete the folder from the wwwroot folder and then remove all the DBs using SQL mgmt studio and do the same using a manager for MongoDB. SOLR has pretty good tutorial on creating the certs. You only have to create the certs once.

    nssm will run it as a service and there are compiled OpenSSL binaries for creating the last .p12 key. I found tha once you get the install script from the Installation guide and update it correctly it's a snap to install.
  • Hi,

    If you are using SIM(Sitecore Install Manager). Open Sitecore Installation Manager in your system--> Choose Bundled tools option in SIM --> choose multiple deletion option ---> select your instance --> choose delete option. All the files are removed from your System.