Fresh 9.1 On Premisis Install - Content Editor Issues - Icons and Display Names for Fields



Hello, all!


I ran into a couple issues after installing a fresh copy of 9.1, both dealing with the content editor. The first is related to assigning icons to items, and the second is related to Display Names for friendly field content entry. I've detailed them below and what I've already attempted:


1) Assigning custom icons to Items - I'm attempting to assign custom icons to an item, and after selecting an icon from "Core 1", the icon selected disappears in the treeview and I notice I receive 404s in my network requests when it attempts to find these icons. The path it's attempting is /~/icon/core/16x16/home_brown.png.aspx. I double checked that I have read/write permissions for the following users: "iusr, IIS_IUSRS, network service,", and there are files and folders insinde my /temp/IconCache/Core/, however it does not contain a 16x16 folder, just a 32x32 and 48x48 folder. Is there some trick I am missing?


2) I created a new template and created some fields inside this template. I am trying to make these fields a little more personable to the content entry folks, and I changed the display name (and also the validated that the display name in Standard Fields looked appropriate) however I do not see these display names after I insert a new item (or look at existing items) that use this template. It still shows the regular "name" vs the "display name" when editing these items. It seems I am missing something here as well?



Thank you!

  • Use Core 3 instead of Core 1, this contain the same icons but without the missing 16x16.. I think this had somethings to do with legacy? and also occur in other versions of Sitecore. You can found the icons in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\\sitecore\shell\Themes\Standard and see that the source zip file is missing the icons.

    It is hard to see your images can you upload the image in higher resolution?
    Do you know you can use the help fields for a Field value you can set a long and short description and a URL in the data template.

  • In reply to Jan Bluemink:


    Core 3 does work instead of Core 1. That's rather interesting. I also notice that other icons aren't working (ie: Multimedia icons.) Is there any fix for this besides trial and error?

    I was able to get the second issue resolved by using the "Title" field instead of using "Display Name."

    Also, the images I uploaded were high resolution, but for some reason they aren't showing that way on this forum.

    Thank you for the fast response!


    Cory Kratz