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Issue with Launchpad styles after upgrading from sitecore 7.5 to sitecore 8.0 initial version



I have upgraded sitecore on CMS instance from 7.5 to 8.0 initial version, after upgrade during login I was able to land on Launchpad screen but the styles were off. I just looked at deverloper tools, network tab. I found below api calls getting forbidden response(403). Can someone help me understand what could be wrong?


Please look at the screen shot.


/sitecore/api/ao/aggregates/all/786FBA3A4573445EA74504E3CA5E48C1/all?&dateGrouping=by-week&&dateFrom=19-12-2018&dateTo=19-03-2019&keyGrouping=collapsed HTTP GET 403

/sitecore/api/ao/aggregates/all/7A9A483F195D4F96AD88473CD6854C4F/all?&dateGrouping=by-week&&keyTop=5&keyOrderBy=visits-Asc&dateFrom=19-12-2018&dateTo=19-03-2019&keyGrouping=by-key HTTP GET 403