Is it possible to build React SPA using Sitecore 8.2 + Headless JSS

Dear All,

We are planning to build a sitecore JSS application using React SPA framework with 8.2 version.


1) Will JSS support with sitecore version 8.2?

2)If it will support which version of JSS can be selected ?

3)From the release notes of the JSS packages i can see the sitecore version 9.0 or later is required for the JSS 9.0.

4) Is there any limitation on the features that can be used with lesser sitecore version with JSS framework ?


Thanks in advance

  • JSS is available as of Sitecore 9.0. It is not supported by Sitecore for 8.2

    If you are looking to do headless on 8.2, you do have the SXA with JSON Device option to get full personalized layout information, and you can do traditional Sitecore Services Client (SSC) which is a content-only API.

    I recently responded to a similar StackOverflow question with some suggestions for 8.2 and React:

    You may want to also take a look in the JSS forum:

    There are several folks who have done headless on 8.2, JSS is not the only way. However, if you can upgrade and start using JSS you'll find a lot more support for front-end frameworks.