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Copying existing Sitecore installation Form CM1 TO CM2

hi ,

 im trying to duplicate My sitecore  installation from CM1 TO CM2 . after  complte my instalion on  CM 1 I have applied  below steps :

  1- copy  site folder from CM1 wwwroot  to CM 2 wwwroot    

 2- copy  solr indexes folders from CM1 Server\ solr  to CM 2 Server\ solr

 3- create new Website in CM2 IIS   .

my new site working fine expect  sitecore experience analytics .

Do you know if there is any other setting I should apply to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance

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  • I would start with checking the thumbprint for certificates installed on CM2 and see if they match your connection strings.

    There may be a number of reasons why experience analytics may not be showing. You may want to check your logs for more detailed error messages.