Developer PC - Sitecore version 9.0 version 2 Installation - MongoDB Set up Instructions

Respected Community Members,

                                          I was installing sitecore vesion 9.0 version 2 (XP Single XP0) on Developer PC and while following the installation instructions, there is requirement for MongoDB server version 3.6.6.  For which i did found the later version 3.6.14 which i installed.  But I could not found an furhter instruction to do what with Mongo DB server configuration.

1) How do i make sure the MongoDB Configuration is correct as per requirement? or as long as MongoDB Server installation successful, it is ok?

2) Any MongoDB related configuration instructions to follow? 

Please assist if any known article/guide/steps to follow in this regard.                                       




  • In Sitecore 9, you can using only SQL Server, There is no need to install MongoDB. You can use it for xDB is you really want it.
    but normally you don't use MongoDB with Sitecore 9. The developer installation is default using SQL server. You see Some database

    If your xDB is not working you see a lot of errors in the log file. And if there is traffic you see files inside the folder \App_Data\Submit Queue And that folder should be empty when it works correct.

    If your want the Mongo
    For information on how to set up the MongoDB provider, please refer to the installation guide for your version of Sitecore.