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Required assemblies for a Sitecore 8.1 Content Delivery instance

Hi everyone,

As I work on improving our CI/CD process for our Sitecore 8.1 Content Delivery instance - I've noticed we seem to package a large number of assemblies that may not be referenced or needed. For example, 40mb of Telerik.* assemblies that look to me like they would be used by the Sitecore CMS, but i'm reasonably sure we don't need them for any of our own developed UX.

Is there a list of the required assemblies for an 8.1 CD instance? I tried to follow through various first time installation articles but all roads either lead me to 9.x installations or were dead links.

Any info would be appreciated



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  • Role based environment has been incorporated from Sitecore 9.x & above.
    Sitecore Didnt used any separate Installation package for Sitecore 8 & below for CD. If sill required you can remove all unnecessary build files manaully and keep a compact version.

  • In reply to VIKASH RAAJ:

    Hi Vikash, apologies for the slow response. The trouble i'm having is working out which build files are unnecessary without trial and error - but if there isn't any Sitecore documentation in this area, trial and error might be the only option.