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sitecore 9.2 installation using distributed SIF

Hello Experts,

We are planning to install Sitecore 9.2 using distributed SIF on Azure VMs. However based on the document this this and this, it seems that installing Sitecore using distributed system is a costly and lengthy operation. Below are the excerpts from above three blogs.

1. Distributor ( source server) can not install role on to itself and hence we can not use CM or CD as distributed server and we need to have provision for separate VM to act as dedicated distributed server from where we can run the distributed SIF script on target CM and CD servers.

2. SIF Distributed Installation Forces single Role Per Server, this creates a problem if we want same CM server as reporting server or xconnect server.

3. WinRM has to run over https and 5986 port should be open between machines and on the network.

4. Single AD user has to be created for all roles to successfully run the powershell script on remote server

Having said that, above three blogs are for Sitecore 9.1 installation using distributed SIF. I would like to know has anyone used distributed SIF to install Sitecore 9.2 and faced similar challenges or any other complications experienced or used the distributed SIF for any other Sitecore installation and can throw some light on smooth installation workaround.

Any help/experience/recommendation on distributed SIF for sitecore installation would be helpful.




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  • Hey Kapil, have you heard any news on this front? We are running into the same thing with a Scaled\distributed install using Install-XP1-Distributed.ps1 script that comes with Sitecore 9.2 XP1 onprem package.