Does the 60 day trial license still exist in 2020?


I am trying to get started learning Sitecore as a developer, but I cannot figure out how to still get the 60 day trial license.

Judging from an older thread here, you could sign up for a trial license as recently as 9 months ago, and you would receive it via email after a few days:

Right now, all that is mentioned in the Developer Trial page on Sitecore is something called JSS. No mention of a license.

An backup of this webpage indicates you used to be able to get a license from it, like that thread from 9 months ago above indicates:

I signed up for this JSS trial a few days ago either way. I did receive an email or two from developertrial so far, but they did not include anything like a license file. I also tried contacting Sitecore support, and nobody I've spoken to there so far knows anything about this either, or how to get a license right now. Does anyone know if this 60 day trial license still exists?


  • I am also facing the issue. I tried contacting the support and yet to receive any resolution from them.Please let me know if you found something.

  • Hi Steven! Our team has changed how we are doing the trial and we are rebuilding it for a new model in the future. We used to offer two trial flavours: .NET and JSS. We've taken the .NET one down to rebuild it and are only offering the JSS Trial right now.

    We are also shifting away from providing licenses for the time being and moving towards a sandbox approach instead. This will make learning Sitecore easier since you won't have to install anything.

    If you do have any questions about the Developer Trial, you can always reach out to, which is also the address which will contact you with information about your trial.

    If there is a reason you specifically need a license file, please let us know in that inbox so we can direct you to the appropriate people who can help you.