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install a sitecore package from sitecore 7 over to sitecore 9

I want to install a sitecore package with only a few content items from sitecore 7 over to sitecore 9. 

Is there an easy way to do this? The templates installed fine, but the content items did not.  I am getting error in packageinstall:items:ended pipeline  event. Any workarounds?

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  • Hi Shan,
    We too migrated from 7 to 9 recently. Though we followed the upgrade script approach for the databases as a whole, we have also created packages from 7 and installed in SC 9, as and when needed and it worked fine most of the time. Just once I had encountered an error for a custom multi list with search field whose values were being stored in a custom database table which was missing in the new environment. Adding that in the new database fixed the issue for me. So, to point out the exact issue here would be difficult unless we get more specific log details . But some quick checks to narrow down the cause are as below:
    1. Check the templates you installed, is there any template or field ( could be custom) which looks erroneous? If yes check the core database for that field and associated code as well.
    2. Even though you are getting an error message , check if any of the items got installed and just few are missing. This happens at time though you see the error message you will see some of the items been installed. This will help to get a hold of exactly which template is causing the issue then.
    3. Issue could be with the renderings or layouts associated with the items too.
    4. Usually for items installation, you can also check these two settings which sometimes create issues:
    InvalidItemNameChars and ItemNameValidation

    Hope this helps!

    Amrita Shukla
  • Check the Sitecore log, find out the latest item installed and than check the failing item, perhaps it is missing a template or has a template not on your Sitecore. Or maybe there is some detail in the error message in the log.
  • Hi Shan,

    As Jan said, you must be missing any of the mandatory field required to create the item - Template or Parent Item. The packages created on Sitecore 7.x works well on Sitecore 9.x. Have tried it lot of time during the migrations and never faced any issues.