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Error at the end of sitecore 9.1 installation

An error occurred at the end of the installation as follows:
After opening the web address in the browser, an error is reported as follows:
The MetadataAddress or Authority must use HTTPS unless disabled for development by setting RequireHttpsMetadata=false.
Excuse me, who knows what the problem is? In addition, there are a lot of garbled codes in the installation process. Do you know whether these garbled codes affect the correctness of the installation?

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  • I've gotten that message a lot at the end of installs, usually just is a time out connecting to Solr, if its your first install run you may need to Populate the Solr core "Populate Solr Managed Schema" in control panel than reindex, usualy better to do them individually.

    for the MetadataAddress issue, make sure Sitecore Identity is working or disabled, and that all sites in the Connection strings have https, even if the site is not active.